Linen and Room Spray



We have added Linen and Room Spray for our line of scents! This spray is extremely long lasting and is a fraction of the cost you will pay at the major retail stores.


We accept custom scent requests from our customers. If there is a scent we do not carry, please feel free to contact us and request it. We will do our best to accommodate.

We make special requests for our customers all the time!


These scents below are our versions of popular retail scents:


Love Spell – (VS type)

Clean Cotton – Yankee Candle type

Twilight Woods – BBW type

Japanese Cherry Blossom – (BBW type)

Bahama Breeze – Yankee Candle type

Warm Vanilla Sugar – BBW type

Moonlight Path – BBW type

Endless Weekends – BBW type

Lavender Vanilla – BBW type

Midsummer Night – Yankee Candle type

Pear Berry – BBW type

Black Amethyst – BBW type

Fresh Bamboo

Cotton Blossoms

Cottage Breezes

Lavender Linen

Vanilla Musk

Bahama Breeze

Champagne Toast – BBW duplication

Sinus Relief

Satin Sheets

Dragon’s Blood

Vamp Vogue





Our sprays are a 4oz spray and are now at an introductory price of only $6.00.

These are available for purchase at Paramount Marketplace at 13th and Woodlawn – Booth 412 in Wichita, KS.


*Please note our inventory fluctuates daily. If you go to one of our shops and we are out of a scent, please contact us and let us know and we will restock as soon as possible.



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