Fruity Scents


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Check out our wide variety of Fruit Scents. Available in our 6oz and our 8oz (HUGE half pounder) sizes. To see all of the scents in this category click additional information tab to the right. To pick a scent and size, use pull down men on the right towards the top. The scent descriptions will appear when you choose a scent.

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Fruity Scents

Apple Berry Spice 3oz, Apple Berry Spice 6oz, Apple Berry Spice 8oz, Bahama Mama 3oz, Bahama Mama 6oz, Bahama Mama 8oz, Blonde Moment 3oz, Blonde Moment 6oz, Blonde Moment 8oz, Cherry Slushie 3oz, Cherry Slushie 6oz, Cherry Slushie 8oz, Cherry Vanilla 3oz, Cherry Vanilla 6oz, Cherry Vanille 8oz, Cider Lane 3oz, Cider Lane 6oz, Cider Lane 8oz, Farmstand Apple 3oz, Farmstand Apple 6oz, Farmstand Apple 8oz, Strawberry Patch 3oz, Strawberry Patch 6oz, Strawberry Patch 8oz, Gingerbread Applesauce 3oz, Gingerbread Applesauce 6oz, Gingerbread Applesauce 8oz, Jamaica Me Crazy 3oz, Jamaica Me Crazy 6oz, Jamaica Me Crazy 8oz, Mulberry 3oz, Mulberry 6oz, Mulberry 8oz, Pearamel 3oz, Pearamel 6oz, Pearamel 8oz, Rainbow 3oz, Rainbow 6oz, Rainbow 8oz, Santa Baby 3oz, Santa Baby 6oz, Santa Baby 8oz, Strawberry Champagne 3oz, Strawberry Champagne 6oz, Strawberry Champagne 8oz, Vermont Honey Apple 3oz, Vermont Honey Apple 6oz, Vermont Honey Apple 8oz, Watermelon 3oz, Watermelon 6oz, Watermelon 8oz, Lemonade 3oz, Lemonaide 6oz, Lemonaide 8oz, Citrus Blast 3oz, Citrus Blast 6oz, Citrus Blast 8oz, Monkey Farts 3oz, Monkey Farts 6oz, Monkey Farts 8oz, Black Cherry Bomb 3oz, Black Cherry Bomb 6oz, Black Cherry Bomb 8oz, Lime Kicker 3oz, Lime Kicker 6oz, Lime Kicker 8oz