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Earthy scents can be so grounding and relaxing. We have some of the top picks of earthy scents. These are available in our 3oz, 6oz (1\3lb)  and our 8oz (HUGE 1/2 pounder) size. The chunks in the 8oz size are much bigger than the traditional regular sized packs. These scents are strong and long lasting like all of our scents. We hand pour our scents with Soy wax and use only premium concentrated fragrance oils in our melts. Click additional information tab to the right to view all of the scents in this category. To choose your scents use the drop down menu box on the right and when you choose a scent, the description will appear.

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Earthy/Outdoor/Nature Scents

Christmas Cabin 3oz, Christmas Cabin 6oz, Christmas Cabin 8oz, Cozy Cabin 3oz, Cozy Cabin 6oz, Cozy Cabin 8oz, Cracklin Birch 3oz, Cracklin Birch 6oz, Cracklin Birch 8oz, I Smell Fall 3oz, I Smell Fall 6oz, I Smell Fall 8oz, I Smell Snow 3oz, I Smell Snow 6oz, I Smell Snow 8oz, Indian Sandalwood 3oz, Indian Sandalwood 6oz, Indian Sandalwood 8oz, Patchouli 3oz, Patchouli 6oz, Patchouli 8oz, Pinecone Amber 3oz, Pinecone Amber 6oz, Pinecone Amber 8oz, November Rain 3oz, November Rain 6oz, November Rain 8oz, Sun Kissed Leaves 3oz, Sun Kissed Leaves 6oz, Sun Kissed Leaves 8oz, Fresh Cut Grass 3oz, Fresh Cut Grass 6oz, Fresh Cut Grass 8oz, Stormy Nights 3oz, Stormy Nights 6oz, Stormy Nights 8oz, Fresh Bamboo 3oz, Fresh Bamboo 6oz, Fresh Bamboo 8oz, Lemongrass 3oz, Lemongrass 6oz, Lemongrass 8oz