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Scents and Warmers carries Retail Duplications!

Have you seen the wide variety of retail Duplications that Scents and Warmers carry? Why pay high prices when you can enjoy the same fabulous scents at much lower prices! Check out some of what we carry… Share on: WhatsApp

Himalayan Salt Lamps at Scents and Warmers!

Scents and Warmers carries two different kind of Himalayan Salt Lamps. Plug in lamps good for small rooms/areas and full size lamps. Everyone can benefit from a Himalayan Salt Lamp.   Share on: WhatsApp

Linen and Room Sprays

  Scents and Warmers has a HUGE variety of Linen and Room Sprays. We carry many of your favorite retail duplication at a fraction of the cost. Our Linen and Room Sprays are strong and long lasting! Share on: WhatsApp