Welcome to Scents and Warmers! We are a locally owned, small family operated business. We are located inside Paramount Marketplace at 13th and Woodlawn in Wichita, KS – Booth #412 and inside the Cross Eyed cow antique shop in Augusta, KS.


We search for the best fragrance oils and test each and every one we sell to ensure high quality, long lasting and maximum scent throw. Our warmers are beautiful warmers and we have a large variety of warmers to choose from, in stock and ready for purchase. Our scents are maximum scented and are some of the longest lasting scents on the market today! We have a huge variety of scent choices and styles.


We make our scents with Soy wax so when you buy from us, you’re not only supporting a small local business, you’re also supporting ourĀ farmers! Remember, Soy is a natural resource!!


If you’re ready to make the change to the BEST Scents around and pay less, then come see us today! If there is a particular scent that you’d like that we do not carry in stock, be sure to send us a message, we special order scents all of the time for our customers!

What “Scents” does it make to pay more for less?? Make the switch today!

Thanks for stopping by!