Pet Diffusers & Essential Oils in stock now!

Dog Whisperer Zephyr Pet Diffuser

Licensed Dog Whisperer fan diffuser allows dogs to experience the benefits of essential oils. Diffuser Kit includes: air diffuser,

3 unscented replacement microfiber absorbing pads. Battery powered – 3 AAA batteries not included.

Dog Whisperer Calm Essential Oil

100% pure essential oil blends that are safe for dogs. Exclusively formulated for defusing.

So many pet owners are looking for natural alternatives for their beloved furry family members. Aromtherapy is great way to help them without any harmful chemicals or toxins.

These diffusers are battery ooerated which mens they are portable. Each diffuser covers a 100 sq ft area. They can also be used for outdoor events to keep the skeeters away. Juat use some citronella essential oil! (Citronella essential oils also in stock now!)

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