Scents and Warmers carries Retail Duplications!

Have you seen the wide variety of retail Duplications that Scents and Warmers carry? Why pay high prices when you can enjoy the same fabulous scents at much lower prices!

Check out some of what we carry…

Bath and Bodyworks Duplications

Twilight in the Woods

Champagne Toast

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Moonlit Path

Cider Lane

Sweet Pea

Vanilla Bean Noel

Glowing Cashmere – our version of Cashmere Glow.

Yankee Candle

Honey Lavender

November Rain

Home Sweet Home

Storm Watchin – Our version of Storm Watch.

Endless Weekends – Available in Linen & Room sprays.

Victoria Secret Duplications

Love Spellz – Our most asked for VS Scent. Our version of Love Spell.

Strawberry Champagne – SUPER DUPER STRONG!!

Snow Angel


Endless Love – available in Linen and Room Spray.

Romanced Amber – Our version of Amber Romance.

Scentsy Duplications


Old Route 66 – Our version of the very popular Scentsy scent – Route 66.

Old Hemingway – our version of Hemingway (Coming soon!)

Vanilla Sandalwood – Our version of Satin Sheets.

Lemon Lavender

Rose – Spot on Dupe of Scentsy. Very true to form.

Vanilla Sweet Pea (Coming soon!)

Men’s Cologne Duplications

Cool Water by Davidoff

Polo by Ralph Lauren

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch


Pink Sugar – by Aquolina