Himalayan Salt Lamps at Scents and Warmers!

Scents and Warmers carries two different kind of Himalayan Salt Lamps. Plug in lamps good for small rooms/areas and full size lamps. Everyone can benefit from a Himalayan Salt Lamp.



Himalayan Salt Lamps host an array of health and environmental benefits which make them very beneficial for your home. Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from pieces of Himalayan salt crystals combined with a light source inside of the lamps. The chunks of Himalayan salt produce negative ions which yield positive effects on the quality of indoor air and environment.


Placing a Himalayan salt lamp in every room of your house can help to provide several health and environmental benefits.

Balance Electromagnetic Radiation

Everyday appliances inside the your home such as televisions, cell phones, computers and tablets release positive ions into the air constantly. These and other common electronics can cause an overflow of electromagnetic radiation (EM), which, although invisible, is believed to cause some serious long-term effects.

Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions and cancel out positive ones. Thus neutralizing electromagnetic radiation in your home which can help reduce artificial frequencies and even prevent static buildup.

Enhance overall breathing
Cilia are the finite hairs that line the windpipe and act like microscopic breathing filters. According to studies, positive ions decrease cilial activity while, conversely, negative ions have a more increasing and positive effect. Himalayan salt lamps are therefore believed to improve breathing by releasing negative ions that filter foreign particles and keep the lungs cleaner in general.
Helps with allergies and asthma – purifies, cleanses and deodorizes the air
Himalayan pink salt lamps help clean the air through a process called hygroscopy, which attracts and absorbs contaminated water molecules from the immediate environment and locks them into the salt crystals. This process harnesses the amazing ability to remove dust, cigarette smoke and other contaminants from the air. The benefit is particularly popular, because the salty air acts as an overall health booster and can help clear the air passages.  Himalayan salt lamp users have claimed that the lamps help them with asthma and allergies. Himalayan salt lamps are believed to filter dust, mold, mildew and pet dander from indoor air. Just as a nasal saline spray uses salt to clear airways, they help to relieve allergy symptoms of all kinds. Those who struggle with asthma also claim to benefit from Himalayan salt. It is such an effective breathing aid that certain manufacturers have produced Himalayan salt inhalers targeted toward sufferers of asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory issues.
Helps to boost blood flow
Certain studies have suggested that negative ions, such as those emitted by Himalayan salt lamps, can accelerate blood flow. This boost can help improve several disorders of the vascular system and can help prevent certain damage to the lungs.
Helps to raise energy levels and sharpen concentration
Positive ions deplete the body of energy, and it is believed that Himalayan salt lamps can actually do the opposite. The negative ions increase energy levels, which yields a refreshing effect similar to the feeling of rejuvenation achieved from spending time in nature. Exposure to negative air ions helps to reduce stress and enhances overall performance. Negative ions increase blood and oxygen supplies to the brain, making Himalayan salt lamps great at improving concentration.
They also provide a boost of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which literally creates a feeling of happiness. Many studies suggest that negative ions improve mood and energy levels by increasing serotonin in the brain. Therefore, people that suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other forms of depression can benefit greatly.
The serene light is thought to balance physical, spiritual and emotional energies.
Helps to improve sleep
Over-exposure to positive ions reduces the brain’s blood and oxygen supply, which can lead to irregular sleeping patterns. The negative ions from a Himalayan salt lamp are said to reverse this effect, making them a popular sleep aid. Also, in direct relation to chromotherapy, the soothing light can help people who suffer from insomnia.

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