Apple Scents anyone?

We have several Apple scents in stock. Check out some of the different Apple scents we have in stock:

Farmstand Apple – This is absolutely the STRONGEST and most long lasting Apple scent I have ever worked with! We are talking blow your doors off strong. If you’re wanting an apple scent with excellent scent throw and lasts a really long time, then Farmstand Apple is the one! This one throws throughout my whole house. So true to form and most realistic Apple, you’ll LOVE it!

Vermont Honey Apple – This is such a unique Apple.

Cider Lane – This is our version. Awesome scent! Strong and has excellent throw. Also available in our Car Smellums.

Lavender Apple – This is such a beautiful scent. Apple with just the right amount of Lavender.

Apple Berry Spice – Unrealistically STRONG and LONG lasting. Another blow your doors off scent. This one throws throughoug my whole house. Also available in our Car Smellums.

Apple Cinnamon – A classic all in it’s own. Also available in our Car Smellums.

Get yours today at Scents and Warmers. Now available for ordering online! Click Here to visit our online shop and order.