Linen and Rooms Sprays now available online!

Our STRONG and LONG LASTING Linen and Room Sprays are now available to order online!

Linen and Room Spray has so many uses. Check out some of the ways I use mine:

1.) To mist my pillow and blanket at night. I love relaxing scents before I drift off to sleep.

2.) Refreshing jackets or sweaters – I will lightly mist my jackets or sweaters and toss them in the dryer for a couple of minutes. Makes them smell freshly laundered!

3.) Kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity – On cleaning day or if I have company comjng over, I will lightly mist my countertops, let sit for a few seconds and wipe them off. Leaves the countertops smelling so clean and fresh for a long time.

4.) After cleaning the litter box – When it is litter box cleaning day, I use my spray to mist under where the litter box sits. Refreshes the area.

5.) Bathroom – If you are married, you totally get this one. Self explanatory. Lol.

6.) Fido or FiFi – if you have pets, an air refresher is a MUST HAVE!

7.) Couches, chairs, curtains – I use my spray in my furniture and window dressings. Refreshes them and leaves the room smelling so good for a loing time to come!

8.) Cars – I use my spray in my car when I clean it out. I lightly mist the seats and the floorboard. Leaves it smelling so good! I always get compliments from passengers.

There are so many uses for Linen and Room Sprays. Scents and Warmes has a wide variety of scents to choose from, also. Order different scents for different rooms!

Order yours online today! Click Here to order!

*Not all scents that we have online are available in store. Our online inventory and in store inventory differ.. However, if there are any scents online that you would like us to carry in store, please feel free to contact us via the link at the top of the page and request your favorites!

Not available in store yet. Will be in, in the next week. We will announce when it is in store and ready for purchase.