🍌 Monkey Farts – Scent of the Day!

I went on a search to find the PERFECT Monkey Farts. To me a good Money Farts scent is dominant on the banana with undertones on tropical scents. There are many renditions of Monkey Farts and most of the other ones I’ve tried are almost all tart tropical fruits and you cant smell any banana. 

THIS is the PERFECT Monkey !

This SUPER STRONG scent will have you doing the Funky Monkey! A strong, strong mix of rich creamy banana, coconut, mango, cotton candy, strawberries, hints of grapefruit, kiwi and even bubble gum make up this super fun oil! One whiff will have you hooked! Give this one a try! You’ll like it and have a secret chuckle each time you use it!

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