Galaxy Diffuser *OUT OF STOCK



I wanted to Spotlight the Galaxy Diffuser this week because I think this is just the neatest,  diffuser I have ever seen. It Is just so mesmerizing to watch. I am posting a video below of it in action with the alternating color mode so you can see just how mesmerizing it is. The Galaxy Diffuser is only $33.00. Compare our Diffuser prices to the other leading national brands, our diffusers prices are up to 75% lower!

We have several Diffusers in stock and ready for purchase and we have MANY more coming soon. Let me tell you… Diffusers and Essential Oils are a MUST HAVE in the cold and flu season.

TRUE STORY: My hubby woke up with the crud yesterday, was all congested and just not feeling well at all. I fired up my Lotus Diffuser for him, put some Camphor, Eucalyptus, Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils into the reservoir and he would lean over it every so often and inhale and by early afternoon all his congestion was gone and he could breathe clearly again. (He was extremely impressed, Lol. He had never diffused before, but is now a believer!)

To see all of the diffusers we have in stock and the ones that will be arriving soon CLICK HERE  We will also be getting in more essential oils soon, I ordered a good variety.