How to clean spilled wax


If you burn scents on a regular basis like I do, then the occasional spill can be inevitable. We have listed the methods we use to get spilled wax off of various household items.


  1. Fill a 1-gallon food storage bag with ice. Seal the bag and lay it on top of the section of carpet with the spilled wax on it.  Leave the ice filled bag on the carpet for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. This will harden the wax for easy removal.
  2. After the time allotted has passed,  remove the bag of ice from the carpet. Use your fingers to remove as much of the hardened wax as possible from the carpet. Rubbing your hand back and forth over the surface of the carpet with the wax on it should help to loosen any addition wax. Vacuum the area to remove the loose pieces of wax.
  3. Cut open brown the paper grocery sacks by cutting down the side and cut to remove the bottoms. This will give you  large pieces of brown paper strips to work with.
  4. Lay a brown paper strip over the wax on the carpet. Make sure the ink printed on the sack faces up to avoid ink transfer.
  5. Set your clothing iron on medium-high heat. Press the iron onto the paper. The heat of the iron melts the remaining wax and the paper absorbs it from the carpet. Lift the iron from the paper and adjust the paper sack, so a clean area is over the stain. Press the iron to the paper once again. Repeat this process of pressing the iron to the paper until the paper no longer absorbs any wax.
  6. Clean the area with your choice of carpet stain removers.


1.) Remove the wax-stained curtains from the curtain rod. Place the curtains into a large food storage bag or a plastic grocery sack. Place the bag with the curtain inside, in the freezer to harden the wax. Depending on the amount of wax, this will take approximately 5 to 6 minutes, maybe less.

2.) After the wax has hardened, remove the bag with the curtain inside from the freezer and take out the curtain from the bag. Lay the curtain on a hard surface. Scrape any excess wax from the surface of the curtain with a plastic gift card, edge of a credit card,  a hard plastic spatula or pot scraper  or the back of a butter knife.

3.) Cut open paper grocery sacks by cutting off their bottoms and down the side, so you have long sheets of brown paper. If the paper bag has any print on it  then lay the paper sack print side down on an ironing board. Place the waxed covered area of the curtain on top of the paper sack. Lay another cut paper sack strip on top of the curtain with the print side facing you.

*Note: Make sure if there’s any print on the paper sack that it is always on opposite side of the material to prevent ink from transferring onto fabric. 

4.) Set your clothes iron to medium-high. Press the iron to the paper on top of the curtain. The heat of the iron melts the remaining wax on the curtains and the paper absorbs it. Move the paper between each pressing, so you do not transfer the wax back onto the curtains. Continue to press the curtains between the paper sacks until the sacks absorb all the wax.

5.) Blot the wax stain with professional dry cleaning fluid before washing. Take the curtains to a dry cleaner to clean them if you are uncomfortable with using the fluid, or if you are not sure if your curtains are machine washable. Make sure the cleaner is aware of the stain and what caused it.

Fabric Sofa

1.) Allow the spilled wax to cool off and harden. To speed up this process by fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and hold it on the stain. If you try to wipe it up before it has hardened it will just spread it around, making the task at hand even more difficult, so always let it cool down and harden.

2.) Remove as much excess wax as possible once it has cooled and hardened. This can be done by using a  flat-edged object such as  the edge of a gift or credit card or a butter knife or spatula. Simply chip the wax away until you have removed as much as possible.

3.)  Place a paper towel on the stain. Set your iron to a medium heat and gently iron over the paper towel. As the heat from the iron melts the wax, the paper towel will absorb it. When you been to see the wax absorbing into the paper towel, replace it with a fresh, clean paper towel  to prevent from ironing the wax back onto the sofa. Repeat with fresh sheets of paper towel until the wax has been absorbed and the stain is gone.

Leather Sofa

1.) Carefully chip away any excess hardened wax with a  flat-edged object such as the edge of a gift or credit card, a spatula or hard pot scraper. If you spot the spilled wax before it hardens, you can attempt to soak up any excess wax with a paper towel. Make sure you dab the wax up rather than wipng it so not to spread the wax around.

2.) Sprinkle either corn starch or unscented talcum powder onto the stain. This acts in the same way as the paper towel works for a fabric sofa. Under no circumstances, however, should you use the paper towel and iron method on a leather sofa as you will cause permanent damage to the leather.

3.) Rub some corn starch or talcum powder into the stain with your fingers. Rub really fast and repeatedly until you feel the heat from the friction in your fingertips. Leave it for two hours and then wipe the powder away. Repeat the process if necessary if there is any remaining stain.