🍎 Apple Berry Spice – Scent of the Day! 🍐


Apple Berry Spice is our Scent of the Day.


A mouth watering blend of autumn favorits. Juicy apples, sweet berries and warm cinnamon.

This is an awesome scent. Strong, long lasting. The cinnamon is very light in this, so it’s not like your traditional apple cinnamon scent. You can truly smell the berry and apple notes equally.

This is on our TOP TEN SELLERS list. Wonderful Fall scent.

Available in our 3oz, 6oz and 8oz sizes.

Get yours today at Scents and Warmers. Located in Paramount Marketplace – Booth 412.
3oz – $4.00

6oz (1/3lb) – $7.50

8oz (1/2lb) – $10.00