Bath Salts have arrived!

You asked – WE LISTENED! Scents and Warmers is proud to debut our Bath Salts line! Just one of many new products headed your way.. Our Bath Salts are made with the purest premium sea and bath salts. Check out the starting line up below:

16oz – Made with essential oils. Available in Pink Himalayan Sea Salts and also in Dead Sea Salts and Premium Bath Salts.


Lavender Peach

Lavender Eucalyptus

Lavender Vanilla

Lavender Chamomile

Eucalyptus and Spearmint


Vanilla Sugar

Oriental Cherry Blossom

Working on many, MANY more scents in the bath salt line. Lavender is the most requested so we tried to give you an awesome variety of Lavenders. Fizzy Bath Salts are in the making along with the ever so popular – BATH BOMBS!

We are also working on scented laundry crystals, a special request from my oldest Son. (Hey, my kids are spoiled, what can I say? Lol. 😁) So if there’s a special scent you want in either the bath salts or the laundry crystals, get your requeste in… WE LOVE HEARING FROM OUR CUSTOMERS!!