More NEW Fall Scents in stock! 16 NEW ONES!

16 NEW Fall Scents!

Check out our newest Fall scents in stock now! These are sooo delicious!

Cider Lane – You will love our version of this fabulous type!  A delicious fall blend of mulled cider, warm caramel and sweet cinnamon.  You get all the best fun Fall scents mixed into one gigantic scent!  This is  the smell you get when you go to fairs and festivals – the top notes of crisp, juicy apple, and gooey caramel – all the best smells of Fall!

Banana Bread – (replenished – TOP SELLER!)

Apple Butterscotch Cake –  A sweet apple cake loaded with notes of sweet butter, rich gooey caramel, vanilla bean and sticky maple syrup

Frosted Pumpkins – You will love our version of this popular scent. A warm, delicious recipe of pumpkin, spices, honey and maple topped with sugary vanilla frosting.

Apple Berry Spice – A mouth watering blend of autumn favorites … juicy apples, sweet berries, and warm cinnamon.

I Smell Fall –  Fall is a wonderful time of year. The wonderful smells, the vivid colors, the crisp feeling in the air.  This scent embodies all of those smells. With the contrasting notes of vibrant orange peel, juicy apples, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon followed by a hint of vanilla and musk

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte – Pumpkin Latte, lightly toasted marshmallows, sugar crystals and sprinkles of caramel.  YUM!  Loads of sugared pumpkin, caramel, cardamom; hints of white musk and spun sugar!

Cinnamon Rolls – Smells just like freshly baked cinnamon rolls with vanilla frosting. Delicious!

Honey Buttered Rolls – Sweet golden honey surrounds the rich bakery tones in this gourmand treat, as hints of warm cinnamon and ginger bring a hint of a spiced accent to the scent.  Rich, creamy vanilla undertones add sumptuous sweetness to this fabulous bakery confection.

Mango – A Mango scent like no other! Sweet mango fragrance with top notes of mandarin & sparkling berries, mid notes of fresh pineapple slices, apple, melon, white florals, clove and cinnamon, with bottom notes of sandalwood and light musk.

Birthday Cake – Rich and sweet birthday cake. Moist, white cake with a rich, sweet butter cream frosting.

Nana’s Apple Butter – Very spicy apple with a warm buttery background! You’ll think you walked in on Nana in her kitchen making her apple butter!

Bourbon Pumpkin – Pumpkin puree, hints of lemon and coconut, cassia root, mahogany wood and clove bud.  Bottom notes of sweet, rich maple sugar, toasted oak and rich dark bourbon.  This is an awesome scent with some serious depth!

Strawberry Cake – You will be in bakery heaven!  A truly wonderful, homemade white cake mixed with sweet, ripe strawberries!

Caramel Pipe Tobacco – An intense blend of sultry tobacco leaves with creamy caramel, vanilla sugar, and patchouli leaves alongside Italian bergamot, warm spice and sheer musk.

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch – You will love our version of this popular scent! This is a delicious autumn blend of fresh, farm picked blueberries and ripe pumpkins.

Canoli – A fabulous decadent delight. A cannoli pastry shell filled with a scrumptious filling of rich vanilla cream, sweet vanilla cupcake batter, sugar, powdered sugar and hints of chocolate chips.