Ladies… Do you do this after Hubby leaves the bathroom?



Ladies – Do you do this after your husband had been in the bathroom for a while?

Our Linen & Room Spray is a great air freshener to help take the skunk out of his funk. I keep a can or two in every bathroom in our house.

Our sprays are strong and long lasting and we have many different scents to choose from.


Get yours today at Paramount Marketplace – Booth 412.

Only $6.00 for a generous 4oz size. These are not aerosols, you are not paying for mostly air, you are paying for quality product that is hand poured and mixed by me, using premium concentrated fragrance oils that are true to form scents.

We have alot of your favorite retail duplications at a fraction of the cost.

Visit our Linen & Room Spray page by clicking on the menu at the top of the page then under scents click Linen & Room Spray, or click here —-> Linen and Room Spray


Is there a certain scent you love in the Linen & Room Sprays but we don’t have it in stock? Give us a shout out – we LOVE making custom scents for our customers!!


*Photo credit to You guys ROCK! Your cartoons get me rolling! Thanks Dan.