Laundry Day!

Laundry Scents


Fresh and clean laundry – such an awesome smell! Now you can fill your home with that smell anytime! Check out the laundry scents we have to fulfill your SCENTS-ory pleasure…


Clean and Comfy – This fragrance oil captures the familiar, “just pulled from the dryer” smell of freshly laundered linens. This fresh, crisp scent will wrap you up in cozy comfort just like your favorite clean and fresh t-shirt.


Laundry Room – Ever walked into the laundry room or a laundromat and smelled the scent of the “clean” and the fabric softener all combined? This is what Laundry Room smells like. An awesome fresh scent! Great scent throw.


Fresh Linen – Green, clean and fresh top notes enhanced by a citrus character combined with floral middle notes of Jasmine on a long-lasting base of woody and musky notes.


Crisp Linen – California lemon, cyclamen petals, rose blossom, fresh and crisp sheets, white musk. (SOLD OUT TODAY – WILL REPLENISH)


Clothesline Fresh –  Clean crisp marine notes encompass a base of rosewood accented with a musk accord.

Top notes: Aldehydic, Fresh, Lime
Middle notes: Jasmine, Lily, Sweet Pea
Base notes: Musk


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