How long do your scents last? 

We here at Scents and Warmers are serious about producing scents that truly last at an affordable price. 

I popped a cube of Dragon’s Blood in and did my usual test I do before I put a scent on the shelf to sell. (this is the new Dragon’s Blood in our new line of scents -IN-Scents. VERY STRONG!!) 

Over 3 days this 1 cube lasted. How long does your current brand last? 5-6 hours,  maybe 8? 

We use only the finest premium fragrance oils in our scents we make. We also use soy wax which is well known for lasting up to 50% longer than traditional paraffin wax melts.  Which BTW – paraffin can cause headaches due to the fact it’s a petroleum based product. 

If you’re buying scents that don’t last you’re wasting your hard earned money. 

Go with a brand notorious for being  long lasting, strong and has excellent scent throw. 

Make the switch today. Make the switch to Scents and Warmers. 

*We make custom scents all the time for our customers. If there’s a scent we don’t carry please feel free to contact us and request it. We now have 3 sizes to choose from – 3oz, 6oz and our HUGE half pounder!

*Note: how long a scent lasts varies on a few factors – what kind of warmer used,  if it is a really hot burning warmer, is warmer in area where there is alot of wind,  how many hours you burn the scent at one time,   etc.