We are Coconut CrAzY!

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We have several new summer scents that have Coconut in them. Coconut is a top seller in the Summer season!! #Coconut #WaxMelts

Come try one of our coconut scents today!

Flip Flops – This is THE BEST Tropical Vanilla! A PERFECT Summer Scent! Tons of coconut mixed into a creamy rich vanilla! Very tropical. You will have to remind yourself that you are not at a beach resort waiting for a fresh cocktail and someone to rub lotion on your back!


Island Heat – A powerful fresh pineapple juice, rich lucious strawberries and sweet orange juice. Combined with a dash of zing, sweet vanilla and brown sugar. This scent is both sweet and sassy with a bit of “fizzy” quality!


Jamaica Me Crazy – This is a really strong blend of tropical fruits!! Coconut, cranberry, pineapple, berries and bananas all blended together to give you an exotic tropical blend! Has an awesome scent throw!


Shark Bite – A super fruity, fabulous, fun fragrance oil!  A fabulous Summer fragrance oil…..melons, pineapple, coconut and hits of various citrus scents with sprinkles of sugar makes this sweet, fruity and totally delightful!  Cool off and get ready to be whisked away to a tropical fantasy.


Sunset – Late summer afternoons, sitting on your porch drinking in the smells that surround you while enjoying a beautiful summer sunset.  Mexican Lime, Italian Bergamot, hints of coconut, Heliotrope, Star Jasmine, hints of blooming rose, amber, earthy patchouli, vanilla and soft musk.


Hawaiian Cocoa Butter – A sweet tropical delight!  Coconut mixed with creamy cocoa butter, filtered with light tropical fruit notes.