The Leather Scents have arrived!!


Our new leather scents have arrived! We have taken leather and given it a new twist!

Check out these awesome leather scents:

Red Bandana – Fresh strawberries with a touch of Leather

Cowboy on the Beach – A melding of a sunny coastal beach and the finest leather fragrance in the industry.

Leather and Lace –  A fragrance that all Western lovers will enjoy, the manly scent of leather with a hint of vanilla. A mixture for all to love.

Sexy Cowgirl – A flowery blend with a touch of musk and Leather….and tight jeans.

Leather – This one will knock your boots off. Like walking into a boot and saddle shop.

Buckles and Spurs – A real Western fragrance, it has the strength of the metals in buckles and spurs, yet smooth with a unisex appeal. This is a very provocative aroma!

Available in our 3oz clamshell for only $4.00!

Get yours today at Paramount Marketplace!!