Coming Soon… Linen & Room Spray!

Coming your way soon – Linen & Room Spray from Scents and Warmers!

The scent from our Linen and Room Spray is long lasting. We use only the finest premium fragrance oils in our sprays. Our Scents  are true to form and we only use  fragrance oils that are uncut and 100% concentrated in our sprays.

Have a retail scent you love so much but don’t buy it often because it costs too much?

We are taking the sting out of buying your favorite scents!



Have a scent you’d like us to make? Contact us via the Contact Us link at top of our webpage or message us on Facebook. If the fragrance is available on the market, we’ll do our best to get it in and accommodate your request. (Not all scents may be available to us)

We will announce when they’re in stock and ready for purchase.


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