*NEW* HUGE 1oz Heart Shaped Tarts


Check out these HUGE ❤ Heart Shaped tarts available in some of her favorite Bath and Bodywork’s, Victoria Secret, Estee Lauder and Yankee Candle scent types. We hand picked out some of her favorite ‘Romantic’ Scents so you wouldn’t have to! These are some awesome scents, longest lasting we’ve ever experienced and the best scent throw ever.

On sale for only $1.75!

Champagne Toast
(Bath and Bodyworks type)

Pixie Dust (type)

Tiki Beach
(Bath and Bodyworks type)

Diva – Type

Golden Sands (Yankee Candle type)

A Thousand Wishes (Bath and Bodworks type)

Fairy Dust (type)

Glitzy Girl (type)

Pleasures type (Estee Lauder type)

Pure Seduction (VS )type

Angel type (VS type)

Bird of Paradise (type)

Love Spell (VS type)

Sex on the Beach