Scent of the Day – Moonlight Path


Are you a Bath and Bodyworks – Moonlight Path fan?? If so, then you’ll LOVE our Moonlight Path Scented Soy Snaps!

You’ll think you’re taking a Stroll through a lush garden full of fresh jasmine, blue violets, sheer lavender & soft musk.

Our 3oz Scented Soy Snaps are ONLY $3.00! Compare that to the leading competitor’s scents that are less then 3oz and cost $2.00 more!

Why pay more for less? Soy wax also lasts about 50% longer than paraffin based waxes. 

Get your Moonlight Path Scented Soy Snaps today from Scents and Warmers!

Two convenient locations – inside the Cross Eyed Cow antique mall in Augusta and at the new Paramount Marketplace at 13th and Woodlawn.

What ‘SCENTS’ does it make to pay more for less??