NEW SCENTS ARE IN! Colorado Earth Scents


We have a temporary and limited stock of Colorado Earth Scents available.  I have personally tried these (as I always do, each and every scent that I offer to my customers) and I must say – THESE HAVE AWESOME SCENT THROW! They are lasting me in my warmers about 2-3 days.**

On the scent throw scale (1-4 – 4 being the best) The scents that I have tried thus far in this brand have all ranked a 4!. These are some wonderful scents, they’re not overbearing in any way but are strong enough to scent most of my house. (I have a 2 level house – almost 2000 sq ft) One of the scents I had burning scented my kitchen, my living room, my hallway and rooms along the hallway, into my laundry room and up stairs on the second level. – YES, THAT GOOD!


Colorado Earth Scents have no chemical stabilizers or artificial colors or dyes and are made from 100% Soy.

The scents below are limited in availability so if you’re wanting to try them, you better hurry, they’ll sell FAST! 

These are now available at the Paramount Marketplace Booth 412.

If my customers like them, I will make them a permanent thing in both shops, so be sure to let me know what you think of them by clicking on the “Contact Us’ link at the top of our webpage. This is a trial run on this brand to see if my Scents and Warmers fans would like these on a permanent basis. ( We love and appreciate feedback and WE LISTEN!!)

Look at all of these WONDERFUL Christmas Scents.

Hometown Christmas – Cozy Home Town Holiday – a bowl of eggnog with a dash of spice, a fresh pine tree in the corner, cookies fresh out of the oven, surrounded by a quiet forest under a dusting of snow.  This scent will evoke in you whatever may be your dreamy holiday desire.
Vanilla Bourbon – Put your feet up and envision enjoying a glass of high quality aged bourbon with just a hint of sweet vanilla. A unique blend that isn’t too strong or too sweet, the aroma invokes that relaxing sensation from the moment of the first sip.

Vanilla Tobacco – Smooth, rich, and elegant in character, a rich combination of smokey tobacco leaves with just a hint of vanilla. The caramel like vanilla tones tickle the edge of your senses as the warm and elegant woody tobacco notes calm and sooth your mind and your body follows. An exciting yet homey combination which boldly fills your space and relaxes the soul.

Home – The aroma of deliciously walking through your front door after a day out in the world. Swirling memories of the special hazelnut cappuccino, the weekend bacon breakfast treat, the birthday cake celebration, a little maple syrup, some cinnamon buns baked in a warm oven. So many scents combine in our homes as we live and the cherished memories mix together. The love and the tears, the hugs and the celebrations all combine into a complex and amazing aroma. This scent has been a long standing favorite in our retail location, you will love it!

Lemon Pound Cake – A long standing customer favorite! Satisfy your craving with an absolutely mouth watering combination of buttery rich cake and tart lemon, this fragrance is nothing short of yummy. One of our most popular scents, you can taste it in the air! It’s a scent that can feel as satisfying as a slice of the real thing.

Java Joy – The joy of java will lift the sleepiest of heads, wake the tiredest of souls, and tickle the grumpiest of dispositions. Fresh roasted coffee beans with just the tiniest hint of sweetness, this aroma will take you to a warm and cozy place in your mind. The soothing calm of the afternoons when you’ve just curled up with a good book on a chilly day.

Colorado Cabin – An amazingly deep rich aroma, the natural embrace of the Rocky Mountains. With alive and vibrant spruce, soothing woods, spicy mosses, a kiss of patchouli, and a sprinkle of wildflowers, you can transport yourself to a place deep into the arms of Mother Nature. It won’t matter that you can’t take a trip this weekend, inhale fully and you will have a deep mental break and a nice little getaway.

Spiced Pumpkin – Treat your senses, with a warm blend of allspice, nutmeg, cloves, molasses, cinnamon and ginger blended with classic pumpkin to give you the comfy feeling of home. This recipe will excite your senses and invite a warm and relaxed spirit.

Orange Citrus Blast – Your mind and senses will awaken with this lively essential oil blend of citruses. Sweet Orange, invigorating grapefruit and sassy lime, grounded with a soft woods back note will refresh and revive your day. Give yourself a “second wind” and finish your day alert with this beautiful aroma.
*Made with 100% pure essential oils.

Whispering Winds – Brighten and awaken your senses with this energizing breeze of freshness. The scent of invigoration, not overpowering but alive and stimulating. With its vibrant, tart and sweet citrus aroma, you will love burning this scent anytime you want that “sunshine” filled room even on a cloudy day.
*Made with 100% pure essential oils

Sugar Spice & Everything Nice – As the temperatures go down, the oven goes on and my oh my the delicious fragrances that come rolling out! Sugar, butter, spices, berries, vanilla and chocolates, all your favorite ingredients. The golden brown perfection of pie crusts, cakes and cookies to create a cozy and inviting home for you and your family.

Dessert Bloom – Amidst the warmth of a sweet southwest summer day, is a blossom of beauty and succulence so very fragrant that it perfumes the very breezes that blow. Boldly feminine, it may tickle your senses to a hint of Jasmine or Rose while gentle undertones of sultry woods, herbal sages and evergreens sooth and relax. This scent makes no excuses and does not hide in the shadows, you will love the way Dessert Bloom carries you away!

Sweet Honey Chai – Sweet Honey Chai – One of the strongest scents we make, for when you really want to fill a space with wonderful, delicious scent. The perfect combination of creamy, spicy and sweet. This fragrance blends honey, freshly grated cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, bold black chai tea, and a touch of vanilla. Warm your soul and relax your senses to this magnificent scent!

Bamboo Meditation – Drift away into the soft scents of bamboo and classic bergamot citrus, simple and uncomplicated fragrances which allow serenity and clarity.

Pine & Clover – This is a true, deep and rich scent of a fresh pine. Sit back and enjoy the soothing scents of evergreens, spiced clove citrus, berries and a touch of musk. A vibrant and festive combination which is one of the all time favorites!

Sugar Plums & Berries – A classic scent of the season! Not too sweet mixed with the scents of delicious berries. Add a happy smile to your day, filling your home with this fun and festive fragrance.

Sassy Citrus Spice – Breathe in this energizing blend of essential oils, a lovely orange with a bright spicy cinnamon leaf lift! With its invigorating yet soothing and rich fragrance, this is an excellent year round candle and sure to quickly become one of your favorites.
*Made with 100% pure essential oils.

Fireside Sunsets & Saddles – Invite yourself to get away by invoking visions of a campfire, woods, rich saddle leather, and crisp air. A truly relaxing scent, let your imagination escape and take you on countless daydreaming trips. You will find this one nowhere else but from us! One of our most popular original scents, especially out of our “designed for him, still perfect for her” category, ladies love it all the same!

Winter Wonderland – The feeling of a beautiful crisp winter morning. Light evergreen and woods, clean crisp air, bright sun and a touch of mint. Invigorating, bright, alive and refreshing!

Peppermint – Simple, pure and refreshing. This is the real peppermint essential oil which has the classic peppermint candy scent. A mental lift, it gives the feeling of a cleaner and brighter room. Truly refreshes a stale environment and sweetens the air without being too heavy or “sticky sweet”. Uncomplicated and lively for when your world needs a little sunshine!

Gingerbread Dreams – Walking into your home from the cold outside to the warm embrace of gingerbread, allspice, and buttery goodness. Invite yourself to put your feet up and dream of wintry nights with a plate of warm toasty goodness.

Orange Evergreen – This perfectly balanced combination of two of the most popular scents will instantly freshen any room. This creative essential oil scent is only found here at Colorado Earth Scents.
*Made with 100% pure essential oils

Cranapple Cabin

**How long a scent last varies for each individual depending on warmer and other factors. Is it a drafty room? Are there fans going? Is your warmer bulb a really hot bulb? How long do you leave your burner on? Etc.