Did someone say   PUMPKIN?

Scents and Warmers has a wide variety of Pumpkin Scents. Just wait… We are making many, MANY more!! Advertisements

What’s happening at Scents and Warmers

  I’ve been working long, hard hours to bring my awesome customers some great new fall scents! We will have many new Linen and Room Sprays, new Car Smellums and delicious smelling new Fall Scents!   Check out what’s new and in store ready for your sniffing pleasure…   Linen Sprays   Moonlight Path –…

Cold & Flu season is upon us! New Sinus Relief Scent! 

Let Scents and Warmers help take the stuffiness out of the cold and flu season. We have 2 wonderful scents that can help aid in breathing better when you get the crud: Sinus Relief – a duplication of Vick’s Vapo Rub. Best way to utilize this scent is burning it in your warmer in an…

Laundry Day!

  Fresh and clean laundry – such an awesome smell! Now you can fill your home with that smell anytime! Check out the laundry scents we have to fulfill your SCENTS-ory pleasure…  

🍎 Farmstand Apples – Scent of the Day

Farmstand Apples – Scent of the Day This is the strongest apple scent I’ve ever had the pleasure of making. Excellent scent throw.  If you love apple scents then you’ll definitely want this apple! 

Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Blood – one of our most popular scents. Available  at Paramount Marketplace.  Our 3oz scents are only $4.00 and our HUGE 1/2 pounders which have 12 melt cubes in the pack, these are $10.00 and will last!  (if we are out of our 1/2lb, contact us and we’ll make more!) We can also make…

🍎 Apple Pumpkin 

 A classic blend of tart apples and spiced pumpkin pie enhanced with clove, cinnamon and ginger. This is a duplication of BBW Pumpkin Apple. 

Fallen Leaves – Scent of the Day

A late Fall hike through a sun-warmed forest. Leaves lay on the moist ground. A gentle rain starts as you duck into an old barn.  Most of the roof and sides have fallen back into the earth. But the shelter is enough to keep you warm and dry as you enjoy the deep rich smell…

Coffee lover scents! 

Some of our most popular scents asked for in the Fall are Coffee scents! Here is our starting line up.   We plan on having a huge selection of Coffee scents and will be adding to this list in the very near future.   What’s your favorite?  Coffee scents available now: Majaja  Chai Pumpkin Coffee Hazelnut…

Fall and Halloween Warmers are here!

  Available at Paramount Marketplace now, or in our online store on Facebook. Be sure to check out all of our Fall and Halloween Scents HERE.